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Jim Mazzaferro, Artistic Director
510-527-7500, ext. 17

Emily Wainacht, Executive Director
510-527-7500, ext. 13

Jonathan Knight, Youth Artistic Director

Emily Brockman, Camp Registration Manager
510-527-7500, ext. 10

Rick Austin, Finance & Office Manager
510-527-7500, ext. 14


JumpStart Coordinator

For General Inquiries, please e-mail:

Caz Mail Addresses


Berkeley Office

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 7908
Berkeley, CA 94707

Office Address:
941 The Alameda
Berkeley, CA 94707

Office phone and fax
Tel: 510-527-7500
Fax: 510-527-2790


Camp Addresses

Camp Mail Address:
P.O. Box 140
Cazadero Ca, 95421

Camp Shipping Address:
5000 Austin Creek Road
Cazadero, CA 95421

Camp Concert Address:
5385 Cazadero Highway
Cazadero, CA 95421






Cazadero Music Camp