Fall 2009

Roof Raised, Ribbon Cut!!

Summer at Cazadero offers a wealth of spectacular and special moments. Week after week, session after session, when you think it can?t get any better, the concerts and the kids offer up great memories to warm our lives. That is what Caz is about every summer. This summer, with a new roof, a new slate of Caz Honorees, and the occasion of Caz founders Bob and Beth Lutt?s 80th birthdays, we had even more to celebrate, and on August 2nd, celebrate we did!!

We chose to celebrate on August 2nd, the first concert of the High School Session; a day full of great accomplishment and joy without the sadness that the final concert on the last day of camp can bring. To commemorate the special day and all that we had to celebrate, Guest Conductor Gerald Willis composed an original musical offering, A Fanfare for the Lutt Family Amphitheater. Conducted by Camp Director Jim Mazzaferro and performed by the Cazadero Staff and Alumni Ensemble, the piece was a tremendous tribute to the camp, the roof, and the Lutt Family.

For several years now Cazadero has been working hard behind the scenes to put a new roof on the amphitheater, our primary performance space. This goal was finally realized this spring when our gorgeous new roof arrived in pieces from Oregon and was assembled and erected in the camp just before the summer camp season began. While the Young Musician?s concert was the first true performance held in the new amphitheater, the official ribbon cutting took place on August 2. After introductions of the numerous individuals involved in the project, Bob and Beth Lutt, surrounded by the entire Lutt Family, cut the huge bowed ribbon that officially opened the newly completed amphitheater.

August 2 was also the day designated to celebrate a few of this year?s list of Caz Honorees. Since 2007, the Caz Community has been encouraged to nominate 5 people who have made a major difference to Caz, helping it to exist and thrive. This year we were pleased to recognize as Caz Honorees, Bill Lutt, George Gaebler, Kent Stewart, Sue Walton, and Earl Bowles for their important contributions to Cazadero?s well-being over the years. There to receive their awards this day were Caz Honorees Bill Lutt and George Gaebler.

At the conclusion of the camper concerts, the celebrating continued at the Family Camp Deck. While campers and camper parents enjoyed time together, reception attendees numbering over 100 were feted with wine, delicious treats, and great jazz. While the success of the roof project is due to the work of the entire Caz community, there were three people who truly put us over the top; George Gaebler for his tireless efforts in seeing this project through from the start, Dan Santo for his creative financing, and Michael Feiner and Michael Feiner Construction for contributing valuable time along with his construction expertise. These three were honored with a round of applause and big ?thank you?s from all and the dedication of a bench inscribed with a record of our thoughts and their names.

Last, but certainly not least, we helped Bob and Beth Lutt celebrate their 80th birthdays together at a place they have called home for more than 50 years. Showered with love, thanks, and of course, gifts, our incomparable founders gave speeches, accepted accolades and cut their birthday cakes baked and prepared by Anita Mazzaferro and her staff. It was a wonderful party, Caz-style, and a great time had by all.

We are, of course, working to accomplish great things in the next few months so we can do it again next summer and perhaps every summer thereafter.


Cazadero Music Camp