Fall 2009

Caz Volunteer Recruitment in Full Swing

Some of you who attended our summer concerts this year may have noticed a table strategically placed next to the cookies and juice. This year, the staff and board of Cazadero collaborated to create a welcome table to try to get to know our Caz community a little bit better. We had a great time meeting and greeting many of the parents who had entrusted their children to us over the summer.

We were also touched and delighted by the response to our volunteer survey and sign up sheet. As with any non-profit, shoe-string-budget organization, Cazadero has many tasks both large and small needed to keep us humming. Of the people who came up to say "Hi" many took the extra step of volunteering their time and expertise.

We would love to build on this great beginning. If you have any interest in helping us with Caz operations here at the Berkeley office or with the tasks up at the camp please fill out and return the form below. Let us know how you would like to get more involved...

...and Thank You for thinking of Caz.


Cazadero Music Camp