Caz Is...

Reflections of Caz from Staff and Faculty

At the end of each session at Caz we give the campers a little exercise, a blank half sheet of paper with the words “Caz is….” printed in the left hand corner. Then we ask them to complete the sentence.  Now, historically, blank sheets of paper are ominous and mind numbing but not for our campers.  Each year we get the most beautiful heartfelt writings and artwork by campers trying to express what their time at camp has been for them.

This summer, Assistant Camp Director Jonathan Knight thought that counselors and staff should also get in the mix on Facebook.  The result was a wonderful outpouring of sweet prose from our miraculous staff. These testimonials give you a great sense of what “Caz is”.


Rayna Saron, far left and Sofie Dunderdale, far right

"My first summer at Caz was the most influential moment of my life. Cazadero introduced me to people who loved music, and, above that, loved sharing music with anyone they could. Each year the staff motivated (and still continues to motivate) me to become the best musician I can, not because I need to strive for perfection, but because of how much I love music."

Sofie Dunderdale, Camper, CIT, Counselor

"When I first came home I

was sad; Caz withdrawal is an intense thing. But then I think about how much good was created this summer, how much happiness and joy and the memories that were born. And then something warm and fuzzy wells up in me and the fact that I'm not at camp becomes less depressing. Because I'm never not at Caz. It's the kind of place I won't ever be able to leave. And this feeling of really having done something that mattered, having made a camper smile, this stays in my heart and makes the 312 days until I travel back across that swaying bridge more bearable."

Rayna Saron, Camper, CIT

Eugene Harris, left and Katie Windnagel, right


"Caz is a place where you fall in love with music all over again and where you make best friends that know you better than anyone back home."

Eugene Harris, CIT, Counselor, Music Instructor



"Caz is happier than Disneyland. It is footie pajamas at breakfast, catching crawdads on scavenger hunt night. It's twelve girls and two counselors talking on three beds before taps. Caz is amazing food and wood chips in your shoes, picking up right where you left off the summer before. Working at Caz is "We get to come here... and get paid too?" It's friends you make in twelve days who become your best friends on day two. Caz is not wanting to sleep because you're afraid you'll miss a moment. Everyone who has been touched by Caz has been touched by something so magical even Disneyland can't compare."

Katie Windnagel, Camper, CIT, Counselor


"It was a Caz scholarship that sent me hurtling into the best 6 summers of my life. My most important, cherished memories blossomed beneath those redwoods--from the hilariously insane to the deeply profound."

Taylor Weary, Camper , CIT, Counselor

"Caz is a place I will never forget in its magical, transformative abilities, working its way into every little nook and cranny of my life, the only place I have ever felt such a strong attachment to that will never be broken by time or the faults of memory, the only place that leaves me in tears when leaving, the only place I will never leave."

Nora Stanley, Camper, CIT

"Caz is a slice of paradise, a dream world that I never want to leave, where you can feel the positive spirit and passion for music radiating throughout the grounds. It has consistently inspired me to grow as a musician and a person."

Letitia Mueller, Camper, CIT, Counselor, Youth Leadership Council






Caz is simply heavenly……

Cazadero Music Camp