Spring 2009

Chef's Tales

by Anita Mazzaferro and Emily Brockman

Spring has sprung and up at Caz that means a lot of cleaning and prep work. While there is building and repair going on all over the camp complex, Anita is in the dining hall and kitchen getting them ready for the upcoming summer season. And for Anita and her staff that means cleaning everything from top to bottom.

Here is her summary of her first work weekend at Caz:

Last weekend we cobwebbed the dining hall from ceiling to floor, washed all the ceilings and walls, had the hood system above the stove/griddle professionally steam cleaned and inspected, had the fireplace inspected, swept twigs and debris off the roof and the dock area, and started the process of cleaning every dish and piece of equipment in the kitchen. We also had a delivery from the produce company and Sysco to get food in for the weekend as well as a start on the basic supplies we need on hand for the summer.

Whew. Caz is buzzing, summer is on its way and the kitchen is getting ready to produce that scrumptious, fresh, camp food that is such a vital part of every day at camp.

Can't wait until this summer for the great camp food? Here is one of Anita?s favorite recipes to remind you of Caz.

Potato Casserole

2 lbs frozen, diced hash browns, thawed
1 tsp salt
? tsp pepper
1 pint sour cream
? cup diced onion
1 can cream of chicken soup
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
2 cups crushed corn flakes for topping

Mix all the ingredients except the corn flakes together in a large bowl and put into a greased casserole dish or baking pan. Top with the corn flakes and bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees.




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