Spring 2010

Caz Camper Recruitment in Full Swing
5 Ways to Help Recruit for Caz

Preparation for another fantastic Caz summer is well under way. Staff are being hired, programs are being assembled, guest conductors are being finalized, menus are being planned, and preparation and repairs to the camp facility are underway. That leaves us with filling the camp with plenty of eager, motivated and enthusiastic, bright-eyed young musicians ready for another awesome Caz experience. Each year we conduct extensive outreach to fill the camp with plenty of campers and instrumentation to fill out each ensemble, giving each session the opportunity to sparkle. This year is no different. At their fall retreat, the Board of Directors of Cazadero made camper recruitment the priority for 2010 and have embarked on an ambitious campaign to get results. Here are five ways you can help!

5 Ways to Help Recruit for Caz

  • Wear your CazWear to spread the word about Caz.
    It is rare that you go anywhere wearing a Caz Sweatshirt and NOT get asked about the camp. Wear your CazWear and talk up the camp.
  • Bring a buddy or tell a friend.
    Camp is an amazing experience. It?s even more fun if you go with a friend. Tell your friends how much you enjoy Caz and encourage them to check us out.
  • Hang a poster in your band room or local music store. Hand out brochures to band mates.
    Every band room in every school should have a Caz poster hanging inside. Ditto that for music stores. Although we send out A LOT of posters, they don?t always make it onto the wall of the band room. Help spread the word about Caz by posting a Caz poster at your school, community Center or local music store. Know someone that you think would enjoy Caz this summer? Hand them a brochure! E-mail us and we'll send you a poster or brochures for you to hang up or pass out.
  • Let Caz know about your school concerts.
    Have a concert or music festival coming up? Caz would love to be there to hand out information about the camp and to promote Caz! Contact us with the details of your coming event.
  • Parents: sponsor a scholarship or half-scholarship for deserving campers.
    Caz will offer almost $90,000 in scholarships in 2010, all funds that must be raised. A $350 or $700 donation to Caz will sponsor a half or full scholarship for one week at camp. A $750 or $1500 donation will sponsor a half or full scholarship for two weeks at camp. Your scholarship donation will have a very big impact on the life of a young musician with financial need.

Have any other ideas on how to promote Caz? Let us know. Call the Caz office or send Emily Brockman an e-mail at emily@cazadero.org.


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