jimSpring 2011

Camp Director's Message
A Note From Jim Mazzaferro

A former staff member once told me that coming to Cazadero after being away for a year was like Christmas - he couldn't wait to get there to see what was new - it was like opening a present and couldn't wait to get the wrapping off to see what the gift was.

That's what it is like for so many of you - I finally decided that this Internet thing wasn't a fad, so I signed up for Facebook, and went over to the Cazadero Music Camp page. I was amazed that so many people think about Cazadero all year long! It's constantly on my mind, but I never imagined it was the same way for so many others. The staff is anxious for you to get back to Caz to see the camp again, see what upgrades have been done and experience music-making at the highest possible level.

Improvements include finishing and installing ADA rails for the Dining Hall and ramps to restrooms near the Lutt Family Music Shell; tiling laundry rooms in Girls Camp and Family Camp; building a woodshed for campfire wood; cleaning and pruning dead trees and limbs from throughout the camp.

And the Music - we have some of our favorite conductors returning to Cazadero this year, as well as inviting conductors to Cazadero for the first time. Bobby Rodgers, Mike Stone, Joe Mazzaferro, Bob Athayde, Doris Fukawa, Stafford Hebert, Aaron Smith, Gerald Willis, Liz Mazzaferro, Eric Hammer, John Maltester, Cheryl Yee Glass, Andy Collinsworth, Aaron Lington, Brian Kendrick, Anthony Parnther, Mike Galisatus and Tony Mazzaferro are Cazadero veterans and are looking forward to the summer. Rachel Nachison, Mary Dougherty, Larry Colon, Steve Ernest and Cyrus Ginwala make their Cazadero debut this summer. We are excited they are joining us as conductors, as some have been former campers and will be staff members this year as well!

The Music; The Trees; The Counselors; The Food; Nights under the stars; they're all waiting for you at Caz. Get here as soon as you can, get out of your car or off the bus, stop and take a deep breath, walk across the historic swingin' bridge - you'll know you have arrived at one of the most unique places on Earth - That's Caz!

Jim Mazzaferro
Camp Director

Cazadero Music Camp