Wanted: Camp Truck!!

Our beloved camp truck of the last 10 years is seeing its last few days at Caz as the camp vehicle. Old age, hard work, high mileage, and long wet winters are finally taking its toll and it needs to be replaced...SOON!

If you have a lead on or know of a truck for sale, or donation, that will work in a camp setting, please let us know. We are searching for a replacement. The minimum requirements are:

  • Sturdy, runs well, and is road-ready;
  • 4-wheel drive a must!;
  • 8-foot bed preferred;
  • Low mileage;
  • Cup holders optional.

The job description of a camp truck is pretty simple, including but not limited to: hauling beds, tables, music equipment, and more around camp; making trips to town for lumber and other supplies; and being able to make it around camp in the rain and mud of Cazadero winters.

If you know of a truck that would work at Caz, please call the Caz office at 510-527-7500 and let us know. We appreciate any leads we get!!

Cazadero Music Camp