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Spring 2011

Camp Director's Message -
A Note From Jim Mazzaferro

jim fishingA former staff member once told me thatcoming to Cazaderoafter being away for a year was like Christmas – he couldn’t wait to get there to see what was new – it was like opening a present and couldn’t wait to get the wrapping off to see what the gift was.

That’s what it is like for so many of you – I finally decided that this Internet thing wasn’t a fad, so I signed up for Facebook, and went over to the Cazadero Music Camp page. I was amazed that so many people think about Cazadero all year long! It’s constantly on my mind, but I never imagined it was the same way for so many others. The staff is anxious for you to get back to Caz to see the camp again, see what upgrades have been done and experience music-making at the highest possible level.

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Meet the Youth Leadership Council

laura hawkinsLaura Hawkins
For five consecutive summers I have been a happy camper at Cazadero Music Camp. A beloved constant to my summers, I would return for the redwoods, the music, the food and the fun.  Most of all, I looked forward to seeing my friends, some of whom I met as a camper at Young Musicians session.

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letitia muellerLetitia Mueller
When I first came to Caz in 2006, I enjoyed my stay there so much that I have come back consistently ever since. In recent years, I was fortunate enough to be hired as a staff member.  I am ecstatic to be working at Caz; it is a camp unlike any other that expands and develops your musical skill, and teaches you valuable life lessons. Living in the redwoods of Cazadero, playing music and meeting wonderful people is my paradise; I couldn't think of anywhere else I would like to be during the summer. >>Read More>>


camille shermanCamille Sherman
Cazadero is truly magical. The best thing about it is how it makes people feel; walking away from it, you know you were part of something special. You create and discover things that you can’t anywhere else; relationships with people that soon become incredibly important in your life, a new understanding of yourself as a musician, and most importantly a new understanding of yourself as a person and how you relate to those around you.  

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Ads for Caz!
Summer Concert Program Advertising

Have a business that needs promoting? Have a hobby that you want to expand? Looking for a new target audience to market to?

Advertise with Cazadero! The 2011 Cazadero Music Camp Summer Concert Program has great opportunities to advertise you, your business or your hobby all while supporting a great camp. With a distribution of more than 4,000 each summer, the Summer Concert Program, with your ad in it, will be seen by parents, grandparents, family, friends and neighbors from all over the Bay Area and beyond. Not only will you reach a large Bay Area audience, but you will be demonstrating your support of this beloved community program.

With great rates and full color printing the results will not disappoint. Follow the link to download a Concert Ad Form or call or email David Wagner, Executive Director, at the Caz office for more information.

Download a Concert Ad Form here.

A Caz House Party - Making New Friends in our Communities

House parties are a great way to bring people from communities together to support a cause.  As Cazadero plans our first event, we have identified two goals we hope to achieve.  First, we hope to raise money to augment our scholarship funds for the JumpStart in Music Program - a program very dependent on outside support - as well as for our summer camp scholarship fund.  Second, we hope to introduce new friends to Caz from among those in the community who already support music education, but might not be aware of our unique programs.

The Jumpstart in Music Program is one of Cazadero's most powerful outreach tools for drawing new children into the world of music making.  Most weekends in the spring and fall Caz hosts a group of young musicians from public schools or school districts for a weekend of intensive playing.  The weekend culminates in a Sunday afternoon concert performance for their parents.  For many of these kids, it is their first time playing together for more than 30 minutes once or twice a week in their school classroom.  The results are amazing, for both the kids and their teachers.

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Camp Registration - A Great Summer is Brewing

kids goofingCamper and Parent Orientation Night is May 4

Sign-ups for summer 2011 are coming in thick and fast, registration is bubbling away and we have another great Caz summer ahead.  With the launch of our new website and the recruiting enthusiasm of our newly minted Youth Leadership Council, we have been able to let more people know about the magic of Caz.  We have new international campers coming from Switzerland, Russia and Quebec, a large contingent coming from the Reno/Tahoe area and a scattering of kids from all over the US.

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Wanted: Camp Truck!!

Our beloved camp truck of the last 10 years is seeing its last few days at Caz as the camp vehicle. Old age, hard work, high mileage, and long wet winters are finally taking its toll and it needs to be replaced...SOON!

If you have a lead on or know of a truck for sale, or donation, that will work in a camp setting, please let us know. We are searching for a replacement. The minimum requirements are:

  • Sturdy, runs well, and is road-ready;
  • 4-wheel drive a must!;
  • 8-foot bed preferred;
  • Low mileage;
  • Cup holders optional.

The job description of a camp truck is pretty simple, including but not limited to: hauling beds, tables, music equipment, and more around camp; making trips to town for lumber and other supplies; and being able to make it around camp in the rain and mud of Cazadero winters.

If you know of a truck that would work at Caz, please call the Caz office at 510-527-7500 and let us know. We appreciate any leads we get!!

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