Meet the Youth Leadership Council

laura hawkinsLaura Hawkins
For five consecutive summers I have been a happy camper at Cazadero Music Camp. A beloved constant to my summers, I would return for the redwoods, the music, the food and the fun. Most of all, I looked forward to seeing my friends, some of whom I met as a camper at Young Musicians session.

I joined the Youth Leadership Council because I was interested in telling other growing musicians what a great musical and learning experience Caz summers truly are. I have spread the word to Band Directors of our local schools, as well as some private instructors and local music stores. As for this summer, I will be going to Caz as a CIT. I can hardly wait until June!





LetitiaLetitia Mueller
When I first came to Caz in 2006, I enjoyed my stay there so much that I have come back consistently ever since. In recent years, I was fortunate enough to be hired as a staff member. I am ecstatic to be working at Caz; it is a camp unlike any other that expands and develops your musical skill, and teaches you valuable life lessons. Living in the redwoods of Cazadero, playing music and meeting wonderful people is my paradise; I couldn't think of anywhere else I would like to be during the summer.

I first decided to get involved in the YLC when I heard about the opportunity to join the Council at the Caz reunion; I am so glad I joined! Lately, we have been focusing on techniques for outreach in order to boost camper enrollment. So far, I have gone to the Marin Symphony Youth Orchestra, as well as elementary, middle, and high schools around the Marin County area, handing out brochures and making speeches about how Cazadero changed my life, and why children would love attending the camp. Personally, I love doing outreach and being on the Youth Leadership Council. Cazadero has done so much for me, and it feels gratifying to give back to the camp by spreading the word about the magic of Cazadero and exposing children to a lifetime opportunity.


camilleCamille Sherman
Cazadero is truly magical. The best thing about it is how it makes people feel; walking away from it, you know you were part of something special. You create and discover things that you can't anywhere else; relationships with people that soon become incredibly important in your life, a new understanding of yourself as a musician, and most importantly a new understanding of yourself as a person and how you relate to those around you.

I have been lucky enough to attend Caz as a camper and counselor for the past six years, and now I am a member of the Youth Leadership Council. I wanted to join the YLC because I feel that Caz has given so much to me, and I want to do whatever I can to give back. In the YLC, I have gone to elementary schools to give presentations and hand out information about Caz, and hopefully I am able to show all the kids I meet just how wonderful Cazadero is. I can't wait to keep working.









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