Spring 2012

Caz Registration Updates

Register Now!  Caz is Filling Fast!campfire2
If you haven’t registered for Caz for this summer yet, don’t wait.  It is going to be a spectacular summer and spaces and instruments are filling fast!  Get signed up now.  Download a 2012 Registration Form here. 

Last year we began our Bring-a-Buddy Discount program and it was a big success.   We had nearly 50 new campers sign up as referred, first time campers, and just under 40 returning campers who received a refund on their tuition.  WE LOVE THIS PROGRAM.  It’s such a win-win-win; your camper gets to have a buddy come with them to camp, we get a new camper who will have a great time, and you get a refund at the end of the summer for your help in spreading the word about Caz.

Help spread the word about Caz!
Does your school have a newsletter?  Is there an issue coming up about summer camps? Is there a chat board for parent recommendations for summer activities?  This would be a great place to post a little information about Caz!  Write a note about Caz and give them our contact information:

Emily Brockman, Registrar

Also, we are deep in our Camp Fair season; our cars are permanently loaded with brochures and posters.  If there is a fair or concert in your area that you think we should attend please send us a note and we will try to be there.  We want to spread the word about Caz so that as many kids as possible can experience some of the magic of the music and the trees.

We hope every child who wants to come to Caz will be able to attend.  We work hard all year to collect scholarship funds which we use to help those families for whom the tuition is too steep.  If you are interested in coming to camp but are afraid you can’t afford it, or know someone in that position, please consider our financial aid program.  We consider every request, all applications are private, we just want as many kids to have the Caz experience as we can possibly handle in each session all summer long.  Scholarship applications are available on our website or by calling or emailing the office (510-527-7500, emily@cazadero.org).  We are happy to help explain how to complete the application process including the recording.  Give us a call; we can help.

It’s not so hard being green….
Here at Cazadero we are always trying to improve our programs and processes, whether at camp or in the office.  This year we decided it was time to go greener, and replace some familiar printed materials by taking advantage of the digital age and e-mail.  Our biggest change will be the camper packets, forms and the Camper Handbooks.  By e-mailing these to parents, we will save paper, printing and mailing costs and eliminate the delay with immediate delivery. 

Now you can always know where to find information and only print out the parts that you need.  However, if you do find yourself missing the old style packet or can’t print out the forms, we are more than happy to mail any forms out to you at any time.  Just contact Emily here in the office; We have packets all ready to go just in case.  Forms and the Camper Handbook are always available for download from our website at www.cazadero.org/forms.

NOTE: If you are a registered camper you should have received your email with all your forms attached.  If you HAVE NOT received this email, please contact Emily Brockman as it may have ended up in a spam filter.

Save the Dates
May 1        Final payment for all sessions due
May 1        Forms for Young Musicians and Middle School Sessions due
May 15      Forms for Junior High and High School Sessions due
May 2        Camper and Parent Orientation Night
Wednesday at 7:30 PM
Northbrae Community Church
941 The Alameda, Berkeley CA

Cazadero Music Camp