What campers are saying

"It was fun that we got to sleep outside because you get to see the stars at night shining, and you get to see the Redwoods way above in the darkness, but the best part was playing in the concert and making my parents proud."
- Pablo, 2009 Camper, age 13

"One of my favorite things about Cazadero is how everyone speaks the same language. Not the language of English, Spanish, or French, but the language of music."
-Christina, 2009 Camper, age 12

"Caz was a jam-packed musical adventure for me. Thank you!!"
-Joshua, 2009 Camper, age 13

"I learned so much and progressed so much musically at Cazadero. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to go to this amazing camp!"
-Hannah, 2009 Camper, age 13

"At Cazadero, I felt like I was learning something new every day, and I came back home a better musician. When I finish high school, I want to be able to go to college through a music scholarship. Thank you for helping me take the next step in my musical life."
-Brigette, 2009 Camper, age 12

"The most important thing I learned was how much fun it is to spend a whole week thinking about music and playing with people who love to play as much as me!"
-Jason, 2009 Camper, age 11

"From my first day I set foot on the campground, I was transformed by a most magical and memorable experience. I met some of the most wonderful, talented, friendly, compassionate, fun-loving music lovers just like me."
-Cassandra, 2010 Camper, age 16

"This was my second year as a camper, and the camp, as always, was amazing. I love music, and it's great to be in an environment where everybody thinks the same way I do!"
-John, 2010 Camper, age 16

"I love Caz so much, and the amazing people you meet there."
-Chelsea, 2010 Camper, age 14

"I loved everything about Caz; I made tons of great friends, swam in the creek, practiced my music with way more motivation than before, and ate food that I really miss!"
-Julia, 2010 Camper, age 11

"When I came to Caz for the first time last year I was nervous, but it proved from the first day to be a completely new and exciting experience. One of the things that really struck me was how everyone was sincerely interested in music. I am thrilled to be able to come back to camp this year."
- Alison, 2010 camper, age 15

"Caz is AWESOME!"
-Guilia, 2010 camper, age 12

What parents are saying

"My son loves Caz with a passion, and so do his parents. Let me tell you some of the reasons why: A true summer-camp experience for the children, complete with camp songs, traditions, stories, and games; First-rate music instruction; A culture of fun that makes six hours of daily practice cool; Amazing results; campers seem to progress musically at the rate of one year per week of camp. I could certainly go on and on! But let me close simply by saying thank you for the wonderful place that Caz is. Our child and, by extension, our family, have been enriched by the Caz experience."
-Phyllis, 2009 Camper parent

"I had such a wonderful time listening to the final concert. Then we had a three hour car ride home. My daughter is usually quiet. She spent the first half hour talking non-stop about the music, the activities, the kids, the staff everything. Later she asked if I would like her to sing and she proceeded to sing song after song to us for two hours. At one point she stopped and said, I didn't know I could sing this well before camp. I am so grateful she had the opportunity to attend Cazadero this year, and grateful for the excellent staff that taught her so much."
-JoAnn, 2009 Camper parent

"My daughter truly had one of the most memorable experiences at Caz this summer. She made so many new friends, became attached to her cello and sees it as a friend (as opposed to an instrument), got to play hours of music everyday for 12 days, got to live and fall in love with the beautiful outdoor setting.  Thank you all for making this possible for her."
-Marilyn, 2010 Camper parent

"Attending Caz is my son's dream. His older brother attended Caz for four years in middle and high school and brought home a lot of good music experiences, which made him strongly attached to the music activities in his college now."
-Yan, 2010 parent

What faculty and staff are saying

"Caz does a lot of things well. It can get kids started in music, it can generate a new level of interest in a student already engaged, and it also provides an opportunity for serious students to learn and grow."
- Aaron Smith, Boy's Dean

"From my perspective, the goal is really to see how far we can take a person musically in a week, or twelve days. Not everyone is going to end up playing in the New York Philharmonic or the San Francisco Symphony, but you can develop your love of music through performance at Cazadero, and carry that love with you throughout your life."
-Jim Mazzaferro, Artistic Director

"Cazadero offers children a chance to grow on many levels. One thing music teaches us is that everyone has to work to be their best individually, then work to be the best that they can as part of a group. Whether or not you continue in music after high school or college, those qualities - leadership, teamwork, self discipline, learning to give and take, compromise -all those skills are skills learned through music."
- Jim Mazzaferro, Artistic Director

What alumni are saying

"I am writing to express a long overdue thanks and profound gratitude for the wonderful musical and life experiences you provided this young violinist and so many other aspiring musicians. I have repeated and shared many of my "Caz" remembrances with numerous friends and family. In addition to the wonderful Cazadero musical training, you provided important life lessons for young men and women in terms of exposure and day-to-day living with people of different ethnicity and cultures."
-Walter Morris, Caz Camper, 1964-1965

"It's because I wanted to go to Caz that I chose to play the flute 35 years ago, thus starting what has now become a professional music career. I will always be grateful to have had this magical music camp in my life."
-Suzanne Teng Levy, Caz Camper & Staff, 1973-1984

"From the time I was 11 until I was 16 Cazadero was the highlight of my year. I played incredible music, made lifelong friends, matured and grew up a bit every summer. I remember sitting in the center for the 100 piece orchestra and thinking there is nothing like this in the world. The memories are deep and profound."
- Mindy Scharlin, Caz Camper & Staff, 1971 - 1976

"So many "firsts" happened for me at Cazadero Music Camp. Here are a few: the first time I played in a small ensemble, feeling so connected to others in the brass choir by the harmonies that enveloped us; and the first time I realized that an entire community could be formed around the love of music! Thank you, Cazadero, for sowing these seeds for the rest of my life."
-Greg Marshall, Caz Camper, 1973-1974













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