A rigorous, balanced music program

Cazadero Music Camp offers a music curriculum designed to help students advance their musical skill. Individual mentoring combined with several hours a day of group instruction helps students fine-tune their playing ability. Our unique Caz curriculum produces exceptional results for students year in and year out.


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Major Ensembles

Musicians participate in one of three major ensembles: Orchestra, Concert Band, or Jazz Ensemble. Led by a new guest conductor each week, major ensembles rehearse twice two to three times a day for 60-90 minutes, preparing for their final performance. Students are given several pieces of music to learn during the week. While some initially doubt they'll be able to master the repertoire, students discover they are capable of rising to the challenge!

Jazz band participation is by audition only and limited to one week in the two-week sessions. Jazz band instrumentation normally consists of trumpet, trombone, saxophones, and rhythm section (bass, guitar, piano, and drums). A Jazz Workshop elective is available for any and all instruments and performs at camper ensemble night.

Auditions are held on the first day of camp. Faculty place students in ensembles based on skill level, instrumental needs, and conductor criteria. Students should prepare a short piece demonstrating tone, range, and technique in each genre that interests them. Campers are also required to sight read and play scales.
Individual Instruments
Small group instruction in individual instruments is key to improving playing ability. Practice sessions for individual instruments help musicians focus on instrumental technique while mastering tone, timing, and other challenging aspects of the repertoire.
Piano and Guitar Programs

Cazadero offers piano as a primary instrument and as an elective in all sessions. Piano Program students receive individual coaching, and play solo, in duets, and in chamber ensembles. Campers who want to participate in the piano program are required to submit a video recording of their playing in advance of their arrival at camp so we can choose appropriate music for their playing level. An additional $125 piano lab fee applies. Learn more about the Cazadero Piano Program here.

Guitar is available as a primary instrument and elective in the Middle School, Junior high and High School Sessions. Working primarily on acoustic instruments, guitar students play solo, in guitar ensembles, and in mixed chamber ensembles. Learn more about the Cazadero Guitar Program here.

A variety of electives rounds out the Cazadero Music Camp curriculum. Students choose from electives such as music theory, composition, conducting, jazz improvisation, chamber ensembles, and instrumental technique. In the Young Musicians and Middle School sessions, campers take part in an All Camp Choir as one of their electives. Non-musical electives are also offered, including sports, dance, arts and crafts, andnature studies. Cazadero's curriculum is rich and challenging, but campers still enjoy plenty of time for relaxing and supervised recreation. Learn more aboutCamp Life.
Guest Artists
In addition to our outstanding music staff at Cazadero, we also support a Guest Artist Program, where each session professional musicians bring their talents to Cazadero Music Camp to share, perform and work with our students. View a list of Guest Artists who have performed at Cazadero.
Past Performances
Listings of past performances of concerts from past summers
Guest Conductors and Concert Schedules
Listings of 2017 Guest Conductors and the upcoming 2017 Concert Schedule of dates and times.

Caz Testimonials

"One of my favorite things about Cazadero is how everyone speaks the same language. Not the language of English, Spanish, or French, but the language of music."

Christina, 2009 Camper

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Cazadero Music Camp