Cazadero Piano Program

The Caz piano program is offered as both a primary instrument and as an elective in all sessions. The piano program includes both individual coaching and the opportunity to participate in chamber ensembles. The primary focus of the piano program is classical, but we offer a jazz ensemble elective as well.



piano teaching
piano performance

Daily group activities include improvisation, theory, technique and interpretation, developing practice skills, and listening to great recordings. Students practice three hours each day, during which time they receive at least a half hour of individual instruction. This varied and intensified learning environment accelerates the students progress and helps them to focus for longer periods of time. Students are challenged to do their finest work in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Specific goals are to polish one learned piece, finish a work in progress, and prepare one or more pieces for the final concert performance.

Because we are only able to accept 10 piano students per session, the Caz Piano program fills up fast! Therefore we recommend you submit your application and audition materials as soon as possible. For more information, contact the Cazadero Berkeley office at (510) 527-7500.

Jazz Piano
Jazz Piano is available for one week only during a two-week session. Therefore, your student should have enough technique and interest in the classical genre to accept instruction and play in classical ensembles in the second week.

Piano Audition Requirements
Cazadero requires a recorded audition in an audio/visual format from all prospective piano program campers. This is used to evaluate both the student's technique and musicality. We can accept recorded auditions in standard VHS or DVD formats, as a YouTube uplink or an electronic file. Recordings may be made specifically for this audition, or you may submit a recording from a recital or other recorded performance. The tape should show the students hands as they play. After March 31, please call the Berkeley office to confirm there is still space available in the Piano Program.

Piano Audition Music Choices
Please submit an audition containing at least two classical pieces: one up-tempo and one slower piece, to emphasize the student's abilities in both styles. If your student is auditioning for the jazz program as well, an additional jazz piece should be added to the above repertoire.

Please note: there is an additional $125 lab fee for the piano program.
Cazadero Music Camp